Collaboration and Distribution under Parameters

Collaboration and Distribution Under Parameters

The goal of my thesis is to explore the opportunities for individual users to adapt design in their own lives to meet their own unique requirements. I want to explore how designers’ methodologies and processes of documentation, modification and distribution can apply to other design models.



What is design? Design can be a product, a methodology, or even an action or a plan. How can these situations and interactions be applied across a variety of situations? Most designers will agree that design is subject to constraints. These constraints are the audience, clients, markets, budgets, production methods, and the actual designer's capabilities.

In the future, I believe designers will not simply approach function, form or content, but will become agents of design models and systems. The designers will know which design process model or system is best suited for specific users to create appropriate projects. Increasingly projects will require the audience to participate and contribute to content. The audience may even control the content that is being created and added by other users. The designer should enable audiences to generate their own design experiences to afford a multiplicity of input, innovation and evolution in the design process.



6 months, May 2014