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Data Visualization

How can the data generate itself through the constraints? The Internet has made sure users are getting more opportunities to be involved in self-observation and reflection. Users’ expertise can contribute to expression by applying appropriate techniques. By designing new manners of recognizing data and re-designing information structures, technology can support different people by facilitating sharing and data visualizing. 

Designers are the people who structure users’ content from the Internet, and then frame and share it with others. Designers should start with getting data from large scale collaboration instead from data structure that already exists. Based on Google searches through users’ private browsers, the users search the question “What is ___?” and they fill in the country, state or city’s name where the users live or were born in. Depending on the unfinished question, the Google search tries to help you finish the question based on your Google search input. 

You get that specific main word to describe your environment, so when you look at different results together you have an opportunity to gain “true” insight into people’s lives, experiences and contexts of our digital sense of our environment. The experience of visualizing invisible data from a fresh perspective can lead users to become aware of how they can take more initiative and become confident enough to take part in the creative process.

2 weeks, April 2014